Harrys Adventures

Harry goes sky diving

Harry goes sky diving

Harry joined Sue to take part in a parachute jump in 1997 to raise funds for the Trust.

A cheque presentation made by 'Bourton on Trent Police Force', led to Founder Member of The Tracy Sollis Leukaemia Trust, Sue Sollis, participating in a Skydive. The police who had raised funds for the Trust by undertaking a parachute jump, challenged Sue to a similar experience.

Despite a great fear of heights, Sue underwent the challenge on 15th May 1997 with a Skydive from 12,500 feet. The jump took place at The Army Parachute Association's base in Netheravon Wiltshire and jumping tandem with Sergeant Debbie Ingle, Sue leapt from the Red Devils Plane falling at 120 miles per hour. The jump raised £3,000.

Harry fancied joining in with the Skydive. A special harness was attached to him him and he was strapped to Founder Member of The Trust's Sue Sollis's waist.  It was the first time a hedgehog had attempted such a feat!

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